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Cashco 521Teflon lining control valve


The Model 521 combines the TFE corrosion resistance with superior design and construction for the bChemical Process Industry:

‧Unibody TFE construction minimizes potential leak paths.
‧Dual stem seal design: 100,000 full-cycle bellows primary seal plus V-ring secondary stem seal.
‧Anti-stem rotation device to prevent bellows damage.
‧304 SST body jacket resists external corrosion.
‧Quick change trim with easily replaceable plug-tip.
‧Four body sizes - 1/2",1", 1-1/2", and2";(DN 15,25, 40 and 50).
‧Wide selection of trim sizes and forms.
‧150# RF, flanged body with "gasketless" pipe-to-valve foint.
‧Optional oapability to made with 300# RF.
‧Optional oapability to made with PN16, PN25, or PN40 DIN flanges.
‧Class VI shutoff.
‧Spring-loaded bonnet seal.
‧All wetted parts are machined from isostatically compacted TFE.
‧May be applied in full vacuum service.
‧Standard Actuator compliant with IEC 60534-6-1 for mounting standardized positioners.


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