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Roots Blower


 A special feature of the blowers is to provide with discharge port composed of slits which results in smaller pressure pulsation, very low noise and small vibration, thus IRS(T) (Low noise type) blowers and vacuum pumps have achieved good reputations of the users of versatile fields.


Product Information

Standard Blowers  
Flow Volume Around 0.15~500 m3/min
Pre. Diffe 10~100kPa
Blower model
IRS; IRW ※IRS:No Cooled Type Blowers (~60kPa);Oil cooled Type Blowers (~80kPa) IRW:jacket water cooled Type Blowers (~100kPa)
Blower type
0700:32A 3000:150A;200A;200B
0800:40A 3500:200F
1300:50H;65H 4200:200C;250A;300A
1600:80H 5400:300C;300D;350C
2100:80B;100A;125A;125B 6300:350E;400B
2400:125F 7600:400C;400D;450A;450B;600A
2100:80B;100A;125A 3500:200F
2400:125F 4200:200C;250A
Special note Other gas except for air can be also transmitted. In case of transmission of corrosive gas, special type of blower must be applied。Oil cooled type blowers and cooler jacket water cooled type blowers must apply to cold water.
J type blower  
Flow Volume Around 0.8~500 m3/min
Pre. Diffe 10~100kPa
Blower model
IRS-J;IRT-J ※ Presently, this model of blower are applied in China FGD blowes.
Blower type
1300系列:50H;50L;65H;65L(For air only)
2100系列:80B;100A;125A 2400系列:125F
3000系列:150A;200A 3500系列:200F
4200系列:200C;250A 5400系列:300C;300D;350C
6300系列:350E;400B 7600系列:400C;400D;450A;450B;500B;600A
Special note J-type blowers are ITO’s side-cover, jacket cooling type blowers. With J-type blowers, cooling water flows through the side cover housing, which is most affected by the heat transfer from discharged air at the outlet side. By preventing large temperature increases in the side cover housing, the bearing holders also experience less heat exposure. Furthermore, when maintaining the flow of cooling water through the side cover housing itself, ITO succeeded in improving the efficiency and service life of the bearings, oil seals, O-rings, and lubrication oil.
(1) Bearing temperature is below 75℃. ITO bearings have long service life of at least five years.
(2) Lubrication oil change intervals range from 2000 operating hours to 8000 operating hours due to favorable viscosity.
(3) Oil seal, O-ring etc spare parts: J-type blowers can cool down the bearing holder, which can prolong the service life of the Oil seal, O-ring etc spare parts installed in bearing holder.