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Imtech Desuperheaters


‧Custom designing- For any size, standard or range.
‧Simple installation- In any position. Short straight pipe runs. Limited control loops.
‧Easy maintenance- No moving parts, no pipe liners and no welding in the construction. Large spray apertures avoids the spray nozzle becoming choked.
‧Energy saving - No need for water supply pressure significantly higher than operational steam pressure and no need for atomizing steam.
‧Large desuperheating range - It is possible to handle extremely large differences in enthalpy between inlet an outlet steam flows.


Product Information

Imtech Venturi Desuperheaters desuperheaters

Pairs of tapped holes straddle the center lines with exception of the water inlet side. This prevents the holes from interconnecting each other.

The socket joint has to be welded by the client for desuperheaters with welded joints.

Imtech Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheaters

The A.T. TEMP desuperheater can be equipped with a variety of spray heads. The uniform body threading accepts spray cylinder heads with a wide range of Kv (Cv) values. Standard configurations have either 6 or 9 equally sized spray nozzles, but combinations are available - so called “mixed” spray heads.