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Rampini Breather Valves


Main Features :
-Replaceable seats.
-Antifreezing pallets; the drips around the pallet avoids condensate collecting around the seat.
-Pallet guides located above the seat; this arrangement assures a no-jamming guide of the pallet not
affected by contaminant fluids as a dose coupling between pallet and guides is not necessary.
-Bird screen avoids the entering of foreign elements.
-Setting : any setting available, charging the pallet's dead weight load, between ± 20 mm H2O and
± 400 mm H2O. (On request higher sets)

Standard Materials :
-Body : cast Aluminium, WCB, CF8 (304) CF8M(316).
-Seats and pallets : AISI 304, AISI 316.
-Bird screen and guides: 18/8 Stainless Steel.
-Diaphragms: FEP, P T F E., BUNA-N, VITON etc.

Flanges :
ANSI 150, drilled to UNI PN 10 on request.


Product Information

Rampini 101/AC-101/AA

Rampini Breather Valve with Pipe Away
111/AA - 111/AC-111/TV

Rampini Vacuum Relief Valve
102/A - 102/AC